Right before the last game I coached at Westford Academy in 2012, an unexpected medical situation occurred. This immediately led me to the conclusion that I would not be able to be a Head Football Coach anymore.

Within two weeks, my dream job of the Billerica Head Coaching position opened. After going back and forth with my family, I decided to accept the position. Then at the end of August another unfortunate incident re-occurred and almost forced me to resign that day. I am proud to say that we all muscled through a tough season together as our staff and kids worked their tails off to get this program back on track through some very difficult times.

Throughout this off-season I realized that being a Head Coach is no longer my number one priority. I know what it takes to run a competitive and consistent program and at this point and time I simply cannot give the efforts and commitment which I use to thrive on. I may coach again as an assistant, but not as a Head Coach.

I can assure the program is headed in the right direction with multiple returning starters and talented younger kids. I am certain this is right decision to be made at this time and want to thank our players, football staff, and the Billerica Community for understanding. I always pictured myself to retire at this position, but visions change in life and we have to have the courage and ability to adjust to them. Good luck to all of the future Billerica Indians.

Congrats to All Star Selections

MVC All-Conference – Jeff Trainor (Soph. 12 TD Receptions)

MVC All Stars – Jordan Bolharino, Kevin Casey, Nick Orekoya

Lowell Sun All Stars – Jeff Trainor, Jordan Bolharino, Kevin Casey, Nick Orekoya, Bill Mercer, Rob Lowe, Peter Jones, Dillon Higgins

Congrats to them and their teammates that helped with this first year of rebuilding the Indians! Tough Season, but everyone stuck together and the Billerica Indians will return 24 kids who started atleast 1 game this past season and a lot of other young talent.

Time to put in the work in the offseason and get the Indians back in the hunt for the MVC Title, D2 Playoffs, and State Title.


TEAM PICTURES tomorrow morning at 9:30. ALL members grades 9-12 must be in attendance.

Locker room opens today at 4:30.

If anyone needs to get taped, get ahold of Nate, he will be at the Frosh game while we are in the locker room, so figure out a time to get taped with him today.